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Sustainable Design Features

  • proximity to dense development
  • near alternative transportation
  • previously developed land
  • high efficiency equipment
  • automated control system
  • high performance glass
  • building orientation
  • system management and verification
  • reduce parking area
  • reduce storm run-off
  • products with recycled materials
  • regional materials
  • construction waste management
  • reduce irrigation with native plants
  • reduce wastewater with low-flow fixtures
  • rainwater recapture
  • select materials and construction which minimized VOCs
  • implement indoor air quality management plan
  • occupant sensors
  • fritted glass
  • sunshades
  • use high-albedo roofs
  • shade hardscape areas
  • light reflective materials
  • green roof
  • solar power
  • wind power
  • sustainable education
  • electric car accommodations
  • green cleaning and pest control

A LEED certified building gives the tenant reduced operating costs through less energy and water usage, better employee productivity and comfort, while lessoning the impact on the environment. Conserving natural resources and maintaining a competitive edge in the market is good business. Research Forest Lakeside will pursue LEED certification on all future buildings.